Apollo and Pegaso – tailored elegance, unexpected softness

TA Li has always stood out for its continuous research and technical innovation applied to the creation of new products.

2018 represents for us an year full of news that find place precisely in this furrow, brand new high quality products designed specifically for the Contract, Residential, Out-Door, Nautical and Automotive industry fields.
APOLLO and PEGASO, the latest born in TA Li, are the answer to several long been requests coming from faux leather market and not only.
These new products perfectly combine the characteristics of durability, resistance to scratching, stitching and tearing – typical of PVC item- with that peculiar elegance and softness until now obtained only with real leather used in upholstery. Let’s get into detail.

PEGASO – The unexpected softness.
PEGASO is a PVC item created to bring together that soft and “full hand” characteristic, typical of the leather used in the furniture industry.
Until now this softness was a peculiar feature of synthetic polyurethane coated fabrics, while PVC is distinguished for its more rigid and less enveloping hand feeling.
Our technical department, in collaboration with resin producer’s companies and their continuous studies of new formulations, has created a coated item that, putting togethere the typical real leather softness and “wearability” with the well known PVC item’ s durability, make PEGASO a top quality item in the residential furnishing sector.


APOLLO – Tailored elegance, just for you
APOLLO item comes from the further development of the PEGASO item, which preserve its softness and “wearability”.
In addition to this, the Apollo is formulated to overcome the suitability for flame retardant certification according to the BS 5852: 06 CRIB 5 method, and complies with IMO resolution MSC.307 (88) rule regarding fire reaction request in nautical sector, according to the FTP CODE 2010 PART8 methodology.
Furthermore, the microfiber fabric used as a support, as well as ensuring good resistance to stitching and tear, gives the article an elegant backside similar to the real leather.
These features, both technical and elegance, makes this item ideal for the hotel contract sector as well as for the interior decoration of ferries, cruise ships and yachts.


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