Our products, innovative in the design and excellent in quality, are used in any stuffed item for interior design, extending from the residential contract to the nautical decor. We are always careful to the current fashion and to the touch, with which it is harder and harder to distinguish our materials from real leather. Our materials are present in the warehouse and in all the proposed variants, offering an exceptionable added value in terms of service and quality.


TA LI can count on a very high level production able to elaborate polyurethane and PVC articles of absolute value and perfect for applications of any type among which coating for the furniture of boats, which require specific features (resistance to the UV rays and adaptability to the outdoor environments).


Among the applications in which TA LI’ s versatility stands out there is also the leather sector; the numerous proposals of spread, embossed and laminated articles permit the realization of various applications for handbags, belts, jewellery, pouches and small leather production becoming a guarantee of absolute elegance and of great quality impact.


The range of TA LI proposals opens up to the sector of footwear, suggesting various products for the most demanding clients: transpiring and absorbent linings, footwear uppers, materials for sport shoes or safety shoes, classic uppers and stretch boots.
All this through the renowned quality and guarantee of TA LI.