The story of TA LI was born and develops with the one of its founder Tchen Chih Kuang Nino. His extraordinary business ability stands out already after the second world war, when Tchen Chih Kuang Nino left China and moved to Italy. Here, from a long experience in the leather field, a company that joined the knowledge and the meticulous commitment of the Chinese man to the creative Italian flair in the production and commercialization of spread and curdled eco- leather fabric was born. It is 1993 when TA LI s.r.l takes life. From this moment the entrepreneurial activity will develop on 2 fronts. On one side the Italian market, where the company imports material of Chinese production obtained with the use of Italian technology machinery installed by Mr. Tchen Chih Kuang Nino. On the other side the opening phase of the market of the popular China, where the demand for Italian products from a part of the Chinese people which richness is reaching the Occidental standard is more and more insistent. In his entrepreneurial activity, Mr.Tchen Chih Kuang Nino is helped by the collaboration of his son Massimo, that inherited from him the commitment and passion and currently works in the management of the company and in the relationship with the clients. The wide range of products is composed by eco- leather products, absolutely natural, in order to be not simply an imitation of leather but its beautiful copy. With accuracy and passion the articles destined to the various applications are born: from the interior design to the footwear through leather and clothing. The extreme quality of the products is guaranteed by a structure inside the company specialized in the quality control, research and development. A fundamental structure that permits a continuous and constant experimentation, and also an innovation in the form, material and methods of production. Moreover, the flagship of the company is without doubt its style office that follows the client from the begging of the production, offering, as a matter of fact, a personalized and exclusive service on the base of the client’s needs and wishes.



TA LI is a company that founds its solidity in the passion of its employees who, besides the production, follow carefully the quality control and the compliance. An active commercial and promotional office permits the relations with all the clients and a technology of first order guarantees to the final client the guarantee of the materials, with a real excellence service. Moreover the research and development laboratory keeps the company updated on the fashions and tendencies of design, permitting it to be always keeping up with times. All this permits to obtain always new products, respectful of the environment and which elevated standard of quality makes them an artisanal masterpiece.