History: Faux Leather Manufacturer

History The story of TA LI was born and develops with the one of its founder Tchen Chih Kuang Nino. His extraordinary business ability stands […]

Products: Faux Leather Wholesale – Eco Leather for Sale

TA LI proposes a number of innovative products, characterized by high technical value and special attention to design. It is the case of coated materials […]

Areas of application

INTERIOR DESIGN Our products, innovative in the design and excellent in quality, are used in any stuffed item for interior design, extending from the residential […]

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Eco Friendly Leather and Eco Friendly Faux Leather: high quality and customizable solutions

TA LI specializes itself in developing and production of eco-friendly or faux leather solutions: since the beginnings, the company has recognized that quality is guaranteed by accurate selection and careful processing of raw materials.

By this idea, TA LI has begun to design faux leather and eco friendly leather for various applications: from navigation and boats coatings to footwear linings and uppers, from clothing accessoriers such as handbags, belts, pouches and jewellery to any stuffed item for interior design.

With over 50 years experience, TA LI is currently the most reliable supplier for industries, companies and professionals who need eco friendly leather and eco friendly faux leather for any purpose.

  • 5 year warranty

    Our products are guaranteed for a long time!

  • Fire resistant

    Our solutions are flame resistant!

  • Innovative material

    The materials used for our solutions are unique and innovative!

  • Scratchproof

    Our solutions are scratch resistant of any kind!