Ecoleather…what’s next?

The eco-leather and faux leather market has been experiencing an important transition phase for some years now. This product that in the past was considered secondary, of lower quality and marginal compared to the more noble real leather, is now perceived more than ever as “technical material”, performing and suitable for advanced applications.  This accomplishment has been possible thanks to the continuous research that have allowed an increase in quality, in the development of new resins, new treatments, new application possibilities.

A great impulse that also determined this change in perception can be attributed to the growing sensitivity over the years towards environmental issues combined with the study of new eco-sustainable products, materials and treatments.

This increase in interest and demand is reflected in specialized trade fairs as Heimtextil, the international trade fair dedicated to the Textile world and specialized in Home and Contract markets.

TALi stand @ HEIMTEXTIL 2019
IMG_4669[1]  IMG_4671[1]


Now the question is … WHAT’S NEXT?

What will be the next frontier in the world of synthetic leather? We can not yet give a definite answer about it. What we can claim is that the market is now in a historical phase of change, new products, new materials, new production techniques are being studied. We are looking for the NEXT BIG THING. The market requires it.

TALi is paying attention to new trends that are entering the market, weighing them and trying to identify those that will have more impact and interest to the next 5 years from here.

For 2019 we are producing a brand new line of products that goes precisely in this direction, we will keep you updated.


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